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admin | November 14, 2018

Halloween is the advertising prelude before the apotheotic Christmas season, where advertisement and entertainment investment across the world, particularly the US, goes sky high. This year, at MindProber, we wanted to know which is the best trailer of the season. Well, maybe not the best, but the most thrilling of this Halloween!

We tested several trailers of season premiers – ‘Halloween’, ‘The possession of Hannah Grace’ and ‘The Dark’. Because we want to find out the most engaging terror character and how they fare against the classics, we added a classic scene of the horror cinema, one of the masterpieces of Stanley Kubrick, ‘The Shining’. This clip was distributed to the MindProber Community that was invited to evaluate the content using James One.

And the most engaging moments are…
Among demons, bloody creatures and a classic axe scene, the mystery was solved, and the prize of most intense trailer goes to ‘Halloween’. Yes, Michael Myers keeps giving us chills.

The music intensity, the fast image sequence makes the beginning of this trailer the most engaging, reaching a high valence with participants getting into the mood. The second peak of this sequence was the moment where Michael appears inside a closet. A classical yet effective horror movie cinema.

The second highest engagement peak overall was exactly the famous instant where Jack Torrance (from ‘The Shining’) appears at the bathroom door with his paranoiac face, driving his wife into a frenzied panic – an image that still haunts our imaginary.

If you are a producer or a broadcaster, you probably also want to know who are your most engaging characters and in moments when the audiences are most enthralled. And how can you do this? With the MindProber technology you can actually track the engagement potential of the characters of your movie, making use of a smart leveraging of our data with computer vision (to know more read our recent use case, ‘Monitoring Actors and Performance in TV Series and Movies’).

For this particular and simpler case, by crossing biometrics and declarative answers throughout the trailers, and using Jack Torrance as reference, we verify that Michael Myers is the most engaging antagonist, followed by Mina from ‘The Dark’. The last place falls onto Hannah Grace from ‘The Possession of Hannah Grace’.

For this season the work is done, but we have more to show you. Keep following us on our blog. We are preparing an article about a new feature that will help you make better content optimization decisions!

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