UX on data science visualization – MindProber vision (part III )

admin | October 16, 2018

At last but not least, let’s talk about the “Overall Summary” and “Questionnaires” sections.

The ‘Overall Summary’ (Ad Testing and A/B Testing) was created to present metrics in comparison to industry benchmarks. Here, the customer can, through a simple graph, see the ranking of the analyzed content against other benchmarked contents.

For a faster analysis, we applied colors that allow a fast negative (red), positive (green) and neutral (yellow) interpretation. Thus, the user can easily identify the metrics where their content has stood out or where it performed worse than other content of reference.
The ‘Overall Summary’ also presents a summary of the “Affective Space” data previously introduced – the “Affective Footprint”, which indicates the percentage of time the content is located on each quadrant, thus allowing one to identify the most frequent affective state caused by the content.

The “Questionnaires” section provides a complete report using data from the different questionnaire modules selected when the study is set up. The user sees the data for each module individually and each module, depending on the type of data, is represented by a different type of graph from histograms, bar graphs, bubble charts, etc. Each graph allows a detailed analysis of the data, allowing you to explore the various segments.

Stay tuned! New articles coming soon.

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