From Tide Stranger Things to Celebrities Overload: a Recap of Super Bowl LII Ads

admin | February 7, 2018

SBLII has come and gone! Every agency and market expert woke up with the eyes set on the specialized news, to find out what were the best and the worst ads of the biggest advertising event in the world (did anyone say anything about Football?). The Eagles won the game, against all expectations, and on the ads world, USA Today Ad Meter ranking these ads as the top 3:

  1. Amazon ‘Alexa lost her voice?’

    It was a safe bet with all the ingredients to be a successful ad: there are celebrities, the storyboard was pretty funny, and as if that was not enough, Jeff Bezos surprised us with an ‘Alexa lost her voice? How is this possible?’

  2. NFL ‘Touchdown Celebrations to Come’

    A ‘deja vu’ of Dirty Dancing, but this time with Eli Manning and Odell Beckham JR. The proof that the American football players can dance… provided they have the right music.

  3. Budweiser ‘Stand by You’

    Reached once again the podium. This time, by showing its support for California fire victims and the hurricane in Puerto Rico. Budweiser knew how to exploit the ad breaks to show their social responsibility, and knows exactly what the audience likes.

Another major driver of buzz across social media was Tide. David Harbour, straight from Stranger Things, was the star who broke down walls between ads, showing that no product or service can be advertised with dirty clothes on. A clever strategy, that won for the creativity of all the campaign – four different ads are the proof that Tide went all in on this Super Bowl edition.

Spokespeople and celebrities…Celebrities everywhere, were the image of this year. Some worked very well, like M&M’s, or Doritos. But this strategy didn’t mean success for other brands: like Groupon’s ad, or Turkish Airlines. This shows that just having a celebrity in the ad isn’t enough. 5 million dollars per 30 seconds needs to be more than jumping on the easy yet expensive bandwagon.  

Two other ads from the same brand with completely different results were Dodge’s RAM Trucks ‘Icelandic Vikingsand Dodge’s RAM Trucks  ‘Built to Serve’. The first one was welcomed, using the Vikings journey to try and reach the lands of Super Bowl. On the other hand, the last one was not so happy. Despite being in 32nd in the top 65 Ad Meter ranking, a commercial using a Martin Luther King speech to sell a car is going to have a hard time. In that case, the producers woke up Monday morning to a nightmare: the Internet doesn’t forgive nor does it forget.

In this game, the brands and advertising agencies can’t fail. Don’t take risks and test your ads beforehand, and ensure you that you’re on the ball! Follow us and wait for our own emotional impact reports.

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