The most engaging details of the red carpet

admin | March 7, 2019

A few days after the Oscars Night, we bring you a different perspective of the dresses and dapper tuxedos from the red carpet. From bright pink to dark black, from the eccentric to the more discreet, everyone has a few seconds under the spotlight, even those not among the nominees.

We embodied the character of a fashion critic and challenged MindProber Community Testers to comment the stellar looks – using the MindProber Behavioral Heatmaps tool. More than just pinpointing in the images which elements they most liked and disliked, participants were asked to comment on each aspect. This gave us a more complete picture of the impact of the content, showcasing how the tool can be used for qualitative insights extraction (at scale). Two looks that caused some noise, negatively and positively, were Spike Lee’s colorful suit and Lady Gaga’s dress.

The irreverence and the risk-taking in the choice of color were the positive highlights, while the shoes and the beret were the most criticized, classified as unappropriated and over the top to the occasion. (73% negative commentaries vs 27% positives)
Looking at the commentaries, the dress format at the waist is the least appreciated. On the other hand, the gloves and the neckless were the favorites. Overall, the look was classified as elegant and charming. (33% negative commentaries vs 67% positives)

From the top ten looks that we were tested, those who received the most positive and negative comments were:

Runner-ups for best and worst outfits

With this new qualitative feature – the commentary input for each like and dislike area – we can bring to our report the negative and positive elements associated to each frame or static picture, and understand the most relevant elements, such as lettering, pictures or color pallet. With a sufficient volume of comments, you will then be able to leverage NLP methods and extract concepts and more complex sentiments from this input.

This feature, when combined with the declarative and biometric responses given during the visualization of video content, can give you a deeper perspective of the best and worst elements during a particular shot or frame.

Curious to know more about this and other potential uses of MindProber products, tech, and data? Contact us and ask to a demo.

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