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Biometric sensor

James Two is MindProber’s proprietary biometric sensor. It is a small, portable, wireless, and scalable piece of restech equipment that captures research participants’ biometric signals.

These signals, the electrodermal activity (EDA) a.k.a. galvanic skin response (GSR), show the intensity of viewers’ or listeners’ emotional state or emotional response. Emotional arousal is directly connected to the audiences’ engagement with the content they are watching and/or listening to.

Higher GSR means higher engagement.

In order words, the biometric sensor enables us to see how the audience really feel about the content, second-by-second.

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Lab-scale results from home

The incredible power of the MindProber biometric sensor lies in the fact that it provides results that are comparable to a research-grade polygraph – it allows objective monitoring of emotions to media at scale.

With our biosensor, it is possible to conduct large-scale research studies with minimal setup time, participant training, and intrusiveness. The data is obtained in individuals’ realistic environments, or at their homes, in real-time. Therefore, the results are, to use the psychophysiological monitoring terminology, ecologically valid.

Biometric research panels can have hundreds or thousands of participants outside of a laboratory setting for the first time.

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Mobile App

The MindProber app (1) authenticates and notifies the panelists and (2) collects their second-by-second dial activity and pre/post survey responses.

Audio Content Recognition (ACR) technology detects content and enables flawless data synchronization between media content and biometric signals.

The app is available on Android and iOS.

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MindProber platform is a powerful in-house developed software that brings implicit, objective engagement metrics to the industry for the first time.

Clients have access to the data within hours on the platform where data can be analyzed and visualized.

Our analysis platform allows researchers to:

The platform automatically calculates the emotional impact value for each event. Combined biometric responses, dial activity, and survey data provide answers to crucial questions:

Commercial Analysis

Editorial Analysis

Altogether, the biometric sensor, mobile app, and platform lead to the ultimate result – MindProber as a new-generation automated tool for media research that brings together neuroscience, technology, and market research.

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