Ad Placement / Sponsorship Efficacy

Monitor engagement across segments, understand the engagement levels of audiences, when they are exposed to different logotypes (sponsor).

Suitable for Sports Organization to test Advertising content


Live broadcast monitoring

Key metrics

Biometrics, Likes & Dislikes, Questionnaires

Key benefits

Engaging sponsor logos

Understand the emotional and rating timeline of your content, understanding the declarative and biometric patterns when your audience is exposed to the different sponsorship logos;

Audience’s opinion

Find out your audience’s opinion about your content on a second to second basis;

Post-visualization analysis

Post-visualization analysis that includes the detailed characterization of the emotional timeline of your content, along with the responses to the post-visualization questionnaires;

Main features

Timeline analyses

Observe the performance of your content, on a second-by-second basis, and compares the moments of higher vs. low impact, with the emotional arousal of your audience when exposed to the logos;

Machine learning

with our computer vision algorithm we are able to code and extract visual features from the race (sponsorship moments), detecting logo and brand

Combination of biometric and declarative responses

With biometrics you can assess the emotional activation across your content. Complement this information with declarative responses to understand its “affective space” – where, on each second, are your segments positioned in terms of intensity and positivitynegativity.

Custom questionnaires

customized open or close-ended questions which you can use to further explore your content.

The report

With MindProber’s Ad Placement/ Sponsorship Efficacy tool, you can get an overall analysis of the reactions to the sponsorship of your sports event.

With this tool you could understand at the physiological and declarative levels, segmented by age, gender or region, the reactions of your audience to each time they are exposed to the different sponsors.

It allows you to understand the most and less engaging sponsor logos and to choose the best moments and places to have them

Questionnaire Modules

Custom questionnaire

Customized open or close-ended questions which you can use to further explore your campaign. The open-ended questions can be subject to sentiment analysis as well!

Brand Associations

The three words (concepts) most frequently associated with your brand and video, and how they are positioned in terms of valence and arousal


This feature can highlight the most relevant points within a frame or image. The participants pinpoint the most relevant image (selected by the client) details, giving you a perspective about what is positively or negatively driving the overall impact.

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