A/B – Copy Test

Which version of your ad will have the biggest impact on your audience? A|B Testing tool combines the power of implicit and explicit measures to help you reach maximum impact.

Suitable for Brand to test Advertising content


A / B testing

Key metrics

Overall analysis, Biometrics, Likes & Dislikes, Questionnaires

Key benefits

Pre-test multiple versions

Pre-test the real impact of the different versions of your ad, before making your final choice, according to your audience preferences;

Discover the most engaging moments

Analyze the most engaging moments in the different versions

Implicit comparison

Compare your ads at the physiological (implicit) and declarative levels;

Compare it to Benchmark

Know how each version of the ad relates to the benchmark.

Best version to communicate your message

Find out the optimal way for your audience to get your message

Main features

Timeline analysis

Observe the performance of your ad, on a second-by-second basis, and compares the moments of higher vs. low impact. Directly compare the timelines of A and B versions.

Combination of biometric and declarative responses

With biometrics you can assess the emotional activation across your ad. Complement this information with declarative responses to understand its “Affective Space”.

Industry benchmarks

On the "Overall Summary" we present you all the metrics in comparison to industry benchmarks. Here you can, through a simple graph, see the ranking of the analyzed content against other benchmarked contents.

Experimental design

Have half of your sample exposed to one version while the other sees another version and contrast its effect across all metrics

Custom questionnaires

this option allows you to see how your ad relates to the benchmark in terms of attitude towards The brand, purchasing persuasion, its memory impact (the power your ad has to be recalled among a reel), as well as likeability and branding power.

The report

With a MindProber’s A/B Testing Report, you can get an overall paired analysis of your different ads at the physiological and declarative levels, segmented by age, gender or region.

In a detailed analysis, you can evaluate the emotional arousal and valence of your ad comparing the activation arches with industry benchmarks. All this in addition to classic copy testing measures.

Questionnaire Modules


How much will your customers like your new ad?

Brand Associations

The three words (concepts) most frequently associated with your brand and video, and how they are positioned in terms of valence and arousal


This feature can highlight the most relevant points within a frame or image. The participants pinpoint the most relevant image (selected by the client) details, giving you a perspective about what is positively or negatively driving the overall impact.

Top of mind associations

The concepts most frequently associated with your brand and ad, and how they are positioned in terms of valence and arousal.

Ad related questions

Customized open or close-ended questions which you can use to further explore your ad. The open-ended questions can be subject to sentiment analysis as well!

Brand Power

How much does your target segment consider your ad to convey your brand.

Brand Attitude

What is the sample attitude towards your brand.

Memory Impact

Does my ad stand out from the others?


How effective is your ad in conveying the messages you want it to convey.

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