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Market Research: 6 Trends for 2018

Predicting the future is a fickle science, prone to errors of interpretation and guesswork – even in the fantasy world of Harry Potter the subject of Divination is seen as sketchy for the most learned wizards and witches. But in business, and especially in market research and innovation, it’s fundamental to try and “predict” what is likely to happen in order to better positioning a company to deal with problems and seize untapped opportunities.
Looking what has been happening in the last couple of years and the progress that is being made in technology and consumer behaviour, we at MindProber believe that 2018 will mark the emergence of the six following trends:

  1. Market Research Automation gains traction – the adoption and demand by end clients for automated solutions will rise
  2. Emergence of Blockchain-based research companies – the fast growth of blockchain will reach the research and insights industry
  3. DIY Research Becomes Mainstream – more companies will integrate DIY solutions into their insights strategy
  4. Video is King – Content as made way for its successor in marketing strategies kingdom: Video is crowned the new King of marketing budgets
  5. Content “Wars” Intensifies – entertainment companies will ramp up their efforts to become leaders in the consumer’s minds
  6. Advertising Metrics Evolve – integration between digital and tv ad strategies will result in new ways to measure ad effectiveness

Some of these trends will be acting in full force throughout the year as they are trends that are already taking shape, while others might only make a brief appearance during the year or might not even fully form during 2018. Saying that we believe that during the next couple of years these trends will likely shape the future of the market research and advertising industries, and the companies in them.
We’ll delve deeply into each one of these trends in the following posts, so keep following us and share your thoughts in the comments.