Live sports under analysis: how do you build your race for engagement?

admin | November 7, 2018

Live sports are events that can bring together thousands of people, and a primal attention grabber. Everyone enjoys the adrenaline caused by these events – and now we can measure it.

For broadcasters, the main challenge comes from guaranteeing that the experience conveyed is optimal for the audience – ensuring that they FEEL what is happening as if they were taking part in it and are maximally engaged. At the same time, brands try their best to build their presences, in order to quickly reach a broad, or targeted, audience and to (hopefully) be positively associated with it.

With this in mind (pardon the pun), MindProber has been focusing on live sports entertainment, building up a series of use cases around it with major players in the industry.

And how can we help? By providing a second-by-second report of the viewer engagement during a live race, with automated methods coming in for the rescue when the time comes to split all the angles, replays and relevant events. Here’s an example.


Our tester community was challenged to watch the Thailand Moto GP, with the goal of understanding which are the most engaging moments throughout the race and identify the types of angles and actions that induce the most engagement.

Results based on the Timeline

With the help of our automated image segmentation pipeline, we quickly realized that the frames containing front view and back view angles had the highest engagement scores, along with the most positive declarative responses from our testers. Similarly, close up moments were also well evaluated by the testers, with the clear winners being overtaking moments.

It is exactly an overtaking moment that marks the beginning of the period of greatest positive valence (starts at 23 minutes to 43 – the end of the race). These twenty minutes are where the valence reaches the highest peaks, with the highest being the moment when the race is decided (0.56), coinciding as well with the increased intensity of the race narration.

From the end of the race until to the moment where racers climb on to the podium there is a significant decrease in emotional activation, contrasting with the new peak corresponding to the delivery of the trophy to the winner and the celebration of the victory with champagne flying everywhere.

With this new MindProber approach, combining computer vision and computed biometric arousal metrics, you could make more informed editing and production choices, which are capable of truly engaging your audiences. If you want to know more about how we break down content and figure out what’s driving engagement, check our use case “Editing Options for Live Sports Entertainment”.

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