Fast and Accurate – how MindProber collected 500 scientifically valid neuroscience data points in a month

admin | April 6, 2018

At MindProber we worked hard to reach a goal – finishing the first trimester of the year with 250 distributed sensors, 150 people equipped with our mobile application and more than 500 biometric and declarative data collections in just one month.

As promised we work with top panel providers, to make sure that our sample meets the highest quality standards.

The first part 
of the work was the managing all the operations – a lot of sensors to distribute in just a couple of days throughout the country. It was necessary to ensure that the equipment arrived in good condition and quickly, in compliance with the schedule, and that our panel was a representative sample of the population.

The second part, and the most challenging, was training all the panelists to use our technology: that involved making sure they have the Mobile App installed, they knew how to properly place the sensor and, last but not least, respond to all questions and doubts arisen, always guaranteeing quick and clear answers, as personalized as possible. The dedication and persistence of our panelists left us impressed and beyond doubt – we have the best with us!

  • Results in 48 hours

This phase was absolutely essential to tune down the ‘orchestra’ – Research and Development departments worked to ensure that data collection flowed smoothly. Valid results in 48 hours for the first time that testers used MindProber technology was a big challenge, but successful concluded.

This was no easy feat. When was the last time that you’ve heard of a neuroscience study that had a scientifically valid sample of data collected in less than 48 hours, or that collected data from 500 subjects in a month?
With all the data we collected, we’ve prepared some interesting case studies for our blog (SuperBowl and Oscars Night) sent it to prospective clients and we’ve also started building our benchmark database.

  • The next steps

With the Portuguese panel set and rolling, it’s time to start the logistic process once again. Our eyes are on the UK, and operations are being prepared to start setting up the panel there. Our goal is to have 150 people equipped with James One sensors in the forthcoming month to start developing studies over there as we have several key players on the ad industry that are keen to start to work with us.

So keep an eye on MindProber and we’ll continue to share relevant info and knowledge through our blog!


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