Happy 2017! A Quick Recap of Last Year at MindProber

First of all, let us start to wish a fantastic 2018 to everyone out there. A new year is always an opportunity to reframe objectives – personal and professional – and to set a path to what you want to achieve. It’s no different at a buzzing startup such as MindProber, and we’ve been busy preparing the coming months where we aim to put automated consumer neuroscience front and centre of market research innovation.
Prior to that, we also regrouped and analysed what 2017 brought our way and how it impacted our company. All in all, it was an exciting year for the company that allowed us to further develop our platform, create meaningful partnerships, get a new round of investment as well as a great team of advisors and board members, and see our work being validated at international level by industry peers.
The first semester was hard work on further enhancing our automated consumer neuroscience platform and running some test pilots with some of the leading brands in Portugal. It finished on a high with MindProber being nominated and winning in June the Insight Innovation Competition 2017 in Atlanta. Starting in a small and peripheral country such as Portugal, with a small team full of ideas and ambition, and quickly being considered at the forefront of innovation in market research and consumer insights in the World, is nothing short of overwhelming.
It was a thrilling experience, the first time we publicly showed our ideas to a crowded room of market research and advertising professionals, and received validation for what we accomplished and for what we set us up to do in the future. The IIeX award was not the pick end of our year; it kicked off the second semester with a bang that put the team in top gear for the rest of 2017.
After Atlanta, we finished our round of investment that allowed MindProber to reinforce the team and create a more robust and powerful platform that will start to roll out in the first quarter of 2018. The exposure we got from the Insight Innovation Competition led us back across the Atlantic in the Fall, being invited to keynote at two major events of the industry: first in Mexico at Ideas AMAI 2017, and then in Chicago at the IIeX Behavior conference.
The second semester of 2017 finished in a similar fashion as the first: with an international award in recognition of the innovation MindProber is bringing to the market research industry. This time it was at the Market Research Society Awards in London that our technology and approach to advertising research was selected to win the MRS/ASC Award for Breakthrough Innovation 2017.
We also decided that the last quarter of 2017 was a good timing to present our new image and a new website. A fresher, cleaner look that shows our innovative and disruptive philosophy.
Summing it up, it was an exciting year at the office and beyond. And while it’s great to relieve our accomplishments – even though they’re still fresh – it does not do well to live in the past without the purpose of learning and motivating us to do better in the future.
2018 will be an interesting year for MindProber and for the market research and advertising industry, but we’ll talk about trends for the new year in the following posts.
For now, the team at MindProber wishes everyone a great year and keep following us here or at our social media outlets.