Consumer Behavior Market Research

Four essential steps to keep a motivated panel

Our days at MindProber are always exciting, with different challenges for the development department or the electronics experts. But the biggest one is to keep our community motivated and informed about the correct utilization of our technology. We have put together a set of golden rules that will help the market research companies to keep its panel motivated.

  • Instructions Manual? Should be practical, visual and easy to understand

The first big challenge is to create a simple and useful Instructions Manual. It is necessary to look at each step individually, to create illustrations adapted to the reality of the company and understand which would be the difficulties, which is not an easy task when you are very familiar with the technology. This is a long journey of simplification, in which you always still to work.

  • Help anytime, anywhere

Sometimes the obvious is not so… obvious. And this is one lesson that we have been learning. Even when people are excited about the new experience and motivated to learn about it and to do everything right, there are always questions. It is essential to understand the importance of having someone on the other side who answers each question in a customized manner.

  • No general answers – each question is a different question

A panel is a heterogeneous group of a lot of people: people from everywhere, with different ages and diverse educational and technological background. Consequently, even when the questions are similar, it is important to find the best answer for each individual. Do not predefined-answers, every question is unique and every response has to be tailor-made.

  • Keep the motivation

Last but not least, motivation is the motto! It is very easy to find people who want to try our technology, but after the first doubts, it is not easy to keep people motivated. We think that the best assistance is fundamental to keep the motivation going. Keeping the process as easy as possible for the user is also pivotal.
We know that good compensation creates a good tester, even more, when the studies process is slow. That is why it is so important to give enough points for all the work and time spent, but it is also essential that the compensation be appeal, something really useful for the participants.
Keeping a community motivated is a daily challenge, but at the end of the day the compensation is grateful for both sides: the companies have data essential for its work, and participants have points to use where they want and have the opportunity to be part of a new generation directly involved in media content production.