Digital Video Testing

Which version of your ad will produce the biggest impact on your audience? A|B Testing tool combines the power of implicit and explicit measures to help you reach maximum impact.

Digital Video Testing

How does your digital video impact audiences second-by-second? Understand the emotional timeline of your video, decide if it is ready for release and learn which moments will capture your audiences.



‘Digital Video Testing’ will allow you to answer questions such as:

–   Is your video producing the emotional timeline you intended?
–   Is it producing a significant impact on your viewers?
–   Which are the most impactful moments, that drive emotions?
–   How do viewers rate the video on a second-by-second basis?
–   Is your trailer optimized for digital?
–   How do distinct segments respond to the video?
–   Which moments are more memorable?
–   How do viewers rate the video?

Detailed analysis

of the second-by-second emotional arousal and valence your video, showing you the timeline of emotional activation.

Digital Video Testing gives you an estimate of the impact

of your ad at the physiological (implicit) and declarative levels.

Get comparisons

for the global physiological impact of your video, as well as the responses to the post-visualization questionnaires

You can segment your analysis,

highlight the most interesting points and relate your results to the declarative responses.
Post visualization questionnaire
In addition to describing the second-by-second impact of your video, we allow you to define custom questions to be answered after visualization. Define the questions, determine whether they will be presented through via mobile app or on the dashboard and set the time for question administration. The MindProber platform will automatically manage questionnaire administration according to your definitions.
We provide you with a panel of 400 testers equipped with our biosensors, along with thousands of others who have the MindProber app. MindProber partners with top panel providers to make sure our sample meets the highest quality standards. You can customize your sample by age, gender and region, and we give you segmented results according to your definitions. Need a bigger, customized sample?


Upload you ad

In your ‘Client Area’

Define your sample

by gender, age, and region

Customize the questionnaire

and launch you study

Testers are notified

through the mobile app

Testers watch content

while are monitored, and answer the questionnaire

Data analysis

MindProber treats the data automatically and you can explore your results