Oscars 2024 — Lights, Camera, Emotion: A Night of Hollywood Spectacle

Oscars 2024

Oscars 2024 — Hollywood’s Biggest Night happened last Sunday, March 10th, 2024, and did not disappoint its loyal audience.  Oppenheimer stole the show with 7 Oscars, including Best Actor, Best Directing, and Best Picture. Jimmy Kimmel successfully hosted the biggest awards ceremony in the movie industry for the fourth time. From predictable and unpredictable award […]

US TV Highlights October 2023

Following our past analysis of some notable and spotlight-worthy shows on US television, we now explore US TV Highlights from October 2023. For the third consecutive time, FOX deserves two mentions when it comes to Scripted and Sports Shows. The premiere of the 35th season of The Simpsons, and the college football game between Ohio […]

The Most Engaging Shows on US TV: September 2023

Following the past analysis of the most captivating shows on US television, we put our focus on the programs that more heavily engaged viewers in September 2023. FOX once again secured two of the TOP 3 categories, conquering the most engaging Scripted show with 9-1-1: Lone Star’s Season 5 Premiere and the most engaging Unscripted show, with the premiere of the new […]

From Engagement to Conversion: The Role of Attention in Advertising – Interview Recap

Irina Dzyubinsky, Mediaprobe’s Head of Partnerships for Realeyes’ Attention Leaders series Earlier this year, Irina Dzyubinsky together with Keith O’Brien from Realeyes explored the evolving landscape of attention measurement in advertising, shedding light on its significance, challenges, and potential impact on both advertisers and publishers. Here’s our recap of the key takeaways. Watch the full interview on YouTube and read on Realeyes’ blog. Importance of […]

The Most Engaging Shows on US TV: August 2023

Following our past analysis of the most engaging shows on US TV, we now focus on the programs that most captivated and engaged spectators in August 2023. FOX managed to secure two of the TOP 3 categories, winning the spot of most engaging unscripted show with the First GOP Debate and the most engaging sports […]

Rugby World Cup 2023 Scores a Try on UK Television during First Weekend

The Rugby World Cup 2023 kicked off last week with a captivating clash between hosts France and formidable opponents New Zealand. In a thrilling encounter, France emerged victorious, securing a 27-13 win over the All Blacks. This electrifying start set the tone for not only a great month of rugby but also some key audience […]

Did Donald Trump and Tucker Carlson Trump Fox News and the GOP Debate?

Republican Primaries: Did Donald Trump and Tucker Carlson Trump Fox News and the GOP Debate? – Audience Emotional Engagement Analysis In card games, trumping refers to playing a higher-value card of the same suit as your opponent’s. In politics, it can mean outdoing rivals by staging a more attention-grabbing event. Donald Trump and Tucker Carlson […]

The Most Engaging Shows on US TV: July 2023

Following our first analysis of the most engaging TV shows on US television in June, it is time to look at what programs captivated and engaged viewers in July. Before delving deeper into the most engaging shows, one thing stood out in July: ABC dominated the emotional impact sphere, taking the top spot on each of […]

Why Brands Should Bet on Women’s Soccer Games

The beautiful game. Soccer or football, the world’s most beloved sport, is booming in popularity, and nowhere is this trend more pronounced than in the incredible growth that women’s soccer has been experiencing around the globe. Starting this week, the world of sports will be focused on the 2023 FIFA Women’s World Cup, which takes […]

The Most Engaging TV Shows in the US: June 2023

Can you guess which were the most engaging TV shows in the US in June 2023? With ever-increasing competition for viewership among networks vying to engage their audiences, it is important to understand how engaging content is and how it impacts audiences. Since the launch of our EIS Scoreboard in early May, we have monitored […]