Does traditional brand placement still work?

admin | October 26, 2018

With the digital boom of the 21st century, the attention focus starts to shift – huge developments came for content, metrics and targeting for digital channels. The advantages are clear and very marked in the industry – it’s fundamentally cheaper than announcing on TV and the potential reach is much higher. But should television be forgotten or replaced? Not at all! At MindProber we know TV is still a major channel for brands to advertise and we have in fact been actively developing ground-breaking tools for brand placement analysis.

Our research team has integrated computer vision methods which are able to detect the presence of a given brand in a video frame, using this information to seamlessly segment the content and assess the emotional impact and engagement during those moments – being it in a soap opera, TV series or sports event.

Through this, MindProber is able to deliver a detailed report not only quantifying the simple exposure to the brand or brands but also how the different segments of interest were responding emotionally during these moments. If you want to know the true impact of your placement efforts or want to calculate the emotional ROI of your sponsorship, reach out to us, or check our Placement Effectiveness analysis case study).

With this tool, you can quantify the engagement level rather than pure audience numbers. A niche show with low audience ratings, could be more engaging and more perfectly fit than a show with higher audience rate.

Using the Placement Effectiveness Analysis, you can test the right place and the right time to show your product or brand on television!

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