UEFA Champions League Final 2022 Emotional Impact Study

Updated: June 2022

Mediaprobe launched an exclusive live media monitoring session of one of the most anticipated sports events in the world of football. On Saturday, 28th May 2022, our incredible UK and US panels (and our team) watched the UEFA Champions League Final 2022 opening ceremony and performance by Camila Cabello and the ultimate battle between Liverpool and Real Madrid football clubs, a.k.a. ‘The Reds’ and the ‘Merengues.’

Mediaprobe solution

For this top-tier sporting event, we deployed our solution to collect the emotional and behavioral responses to the sports broadcast at scale in real-time. We created the second-by-second Engagement Timeline and calculatde the impact of key game and broadcast features like goal kicks, corner kicks, free kicks, counterattacks, goals, goal replays, near misses, and more.

Campaign Effectiveness

Sports events like these are rich emotional experiences for fans and they also represent tremendous opportunities for brands to connect with their audiences. For those reasons, we also analyzed the effectiveness of the commercial campaigns to see which brands hit their KPIs, across the funnel.

Football is a game of strategy and skill, but also a game of chance. Two things are certain though. One – we expected to see some brilliant football and two, the Mediaprobe team was particularly eager to start the project – the definition of pure fun at work.

Download Study Results (Update)

You can find and download the results of the exciting UEFA Champions League Final 2022 audience engagement study on our free Resources page and the links below:

UCL Final 2022 Audience Engagement – Broadcast

UCL Final 2022 Audience Engagement – Advertising

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About Mediaprobe

Mediaprobe is a media measurement solution that brings objective emotional engagement metrics to the industry. Mediaprobe captures and analyses audiences’ second-by-second emotional engagement and behavioural responses to media content, from people’s homes.

Just Eat’s Euro 2020 sponsorship efficacy evaluation, Amazon Advertising – Wondery ‘The Emotional Impact of Podcast Advertising’ study on the emotional impact of audio entertainment, ITV & Voltarol ’The Joy of Movement – From campaign creation to emotional engagement’ research are some of the leading media research projects with Mediaprobe as the ResTech partner.

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