The Most Engaging Shows on US TV: July 2023

Following our first analysis of the most engaging TV shows on US television in June, it is time to look at what programs captivated and engaged viewers in July.

Before delving deeper into the most engaging shows, one thing stood out in July: ABC dominated the emotional impact sphere, taking the top spot on each of the formats we use on our EIS Scoreboard. The Disney-owned network had the most engaging Scripted, Unscripted, and Sports TV shows of any network we measured last month, allowing it to lead in terms of audience ratings.

So let’s dive into the Most Engaging Shows on US TV in July.

Scripted Shows: Will Trent, S01E07, ABC

The rerun of Episode 7 of the hit police procedural show Will Trent topped the charts for scripted TV shows in July, boasting an impressive EIS of 607. This outstanding achievement placed the episode a remarkable 9% higher than all other TV shows measured during the same month. Notably, the episode scored a remarkable 11% higher than all the scripted shows measured on US television in 2023, indicating that it was a highly engaging program.

The show is an adaptation of a series of compelling novels written by Karin Slaughter. It revolves around the complex yet remarkably proficient detective, Will Trent, as he tackles crimes while grappling with his own imperfections and internal struggles. Despite being a rerun, it managed to captivate the audience, evident from its impressive EIS result and remarkable ratings (ranking as the third most-watched program during its time slot).

Unscripted Shows: Claim to Fame, S02E04, ABC

In July, the highest-rated Unscripted show was Episode 4 of ABC’s reality show Claim to Fame. This competition series features relatives of famous individuals competing to win money by correctly identifying the family connections of other contestants.

This particular episode achieved an impressive EIS of 635, exceeding other unscripted shows measured in July by 6% and surpassing all TV programs by 17%. It garnered 22% more audience engagement compared to other shows throughout the year.

Sports Shows: X-Games 2023, Day 3, ABC

With the broadcast of Day 3 of the X-Games 2023 in July, ABC completed its triple crown of top emotionally engaging shows on US television. With an EIS of 679, the show was the most engaging Sports broadcast of the month, ranking 38% higher than all other Sports shows in July and 27% higher than all other TV.

The X-Games broadcast, which featured daring stunts by some of the world’s best athletes, outperformed Mediaprobe’s sports norm for 2023 by 44%, making it one of the year’s most engaging shows.

If you’re curious about which programs have captivated audiences the most, you can explore our EIS Scoreboard. We diligently update it every week with the latest shows we’ve measured. For more comprehensive insights, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with us.

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