Emotional Impact Scoreboard – Track and Benchmark Entertainment and Sports Content 

10 May 2023, Porto, MindProber Emotional Impact Scoreboard – In the world of media production and advertising, creating compelling content that resonates with your target audience is critical to success and driving positive business outcomes. In a landscape cluttered with content options and media channels, creating and delivering content that stands out and provides value to audiences is becoming increasingly difficult.

However, how do we measure the true value of that content?

Traditional TV metrics

Traditional metrics such as audience ratings, GRPs, viewability, and eye tracking can only tell us so much about how viewers are engaging with our content. As valuable as they are in telling us

  • how many people are watching,
  • what they are watching, and 
  • if they are (apparently) watching,

they can’t provide insights into how viewers are feeling while consuming that content, or if they are really paying attention to it.

Next-gen media measurement

To create, sell, and buy emotion, content producers and distributors need to measure emotion.
This is where MindProber’s Emotional Impact Score (EIS) comes in. EIS provides content producers and advertisers with a measurement standard that goes beyond legacy metrics and understands how viewers are truly engaging with their content by measuring emotional engagement second by second and in real time.

Track and benchmark content

Knowing how well a particular piece of content or advertisement performs is only half the story. We also need to know how it compares to other properties and over time

Tracking and benchmarking how content evolves is critical for gaining a broader understanding of its true value and highlighting new business opportunities and insights. That is why MindProber is launching the Emotional Impact Scoreboard, a media measurement metric that allows broadcasters, content producers, and brands to understand which shows are engaging audiences across the United States.

MindProber’s Emotional Impact Scoreboard offers a game-changing solution in media production and advertising, as it allows companies to tap into their audience’s preferences and deliver content that resonates with them by providing a more comprehensive and accurate way to measure emotional engagement

By tracking and benchmarking content over time, businesses can discover new business opportunities and insights, allowing them to stay ahead of the curve and create content that is always relevant and meaningful to their audience. MindProber’s Emotional Impact Scoreboard is the most reliable and efficient way to evaluate content effectiveness and fine-tune television campaigns for maximum impact, resulting in positive business outcomes for businesses.

Introducing the Emotional Impact Scoreboard

MindProber’s Emotional Impact Scoreboard available on this LINK is updated weekly and is FREE to use. The scoreboard highlights 10 of the most engaging shows as determined by a US-based panel displaying:

  • Overall EIS for each entry across all content (including commercial breaks);
  • Peak EIS, which measures the most emotionally impactful moment
  • Dial score, which reflects the show’s likability as measured in real-time by our panelists.

The Emotional Impact Scoreboard only displays a few higher-level metrics from those that MindProber is able to extract for each piece of tracked content as an introduction, and represents a small portion of our overall database. However, we believe it is an important and powerful media measurement metric that will help the industry better understand what other legacy metrics cannot provide, which is the emotional impact of your content on viewers. 

Using Emotional Impact to Your Advantage

MindProber provides insights into how each show is capturing the attention of its audience by tracking Emotional Impact Scores for various entertainment and sports TV shows in the United States. Content producers can develop opportunities for audiences to connect with their content on a deeper level by creating content that emotionally resonates with viewers. This can result in long-term benefits such as increased brand loyalty, audience growth, and a willingness to share that content with others.

In today’s media landscape, measuring emotional engagement is critical. Content producers and advertisers can create more compelling content that resonates emotionally with their audience by looking beyond traditional metrics and understanding how viewers are truly engaging with content. MindProber’s Emotional Impact Score is a powerful tool that allows us to measure emotional engagement in real-time and gain valuable insights into how our content affects viewers.

The Emotional Impact Scoreboard is just the beginning of what is possible when it comes to measuring emotional engagement.

Talk to our Sales Team to learn more about the EIS Scoreboard and how we can help you monitor and optimize your content to grow audiences.

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