Capturing the emotional trip of COVID19

No one in their right mind is saying it is over… most probably far from it actually, but these weeks have been an absolute emotional roller coaster as we watch disease counts and death tolls displayed every day on national television, and start to see some light as some countries flatten the curve. With so […]


Boosting ad impact by optimizing media placement

The impact of the context in which TV ads are displayed is a major area in academic advertising research. Variables such as programming, format, and familiarity with the content, have been analysed in experimental studies, which normally use self-report measures (e.g. ad likability, recall) as outcome variables. One important meta-analysis (Kwon, King, Nyilasy, and Reid, […]


Not The Australian Grand Prix

They say that the first is never forgotten. Well, this was a first for us… and what an unbelievable day for the motorsport community! Formula1 was ready to start the 2020 season with the opening race in Australia. Unfortunately, the spread of the coronavirus has put the season on pause and forced the world to […]

Case studies Consumer Behavior Market Research

An X-ray of a Football Game – The Power of Cristiano Ronaldo’s Image

[2021 stats update] Building on the experience we are gaining from monitoring live sports such as F1 or MotoGP, this time we turned our attention to football and in a partnership with Eleven Sports.   The Champions League is one of the most valuable football championships in the world, transacting billions of euros in media rights alone. The emotions of football fans are a new currency that should be […]

Neuroscience Science

Risk assessment and decision-making

How do we decide? What shapes our decisions? Are our decisions mainly deliberative and rational? Or do we act on our feelings? Today, we will share with you an overview of the building blocks associated with decision-making processing. Decision-making involves the ability to choose from different available alternatives on the basis of a subjective value. […]


Performance in data visualization

The MindProber Reporting tool has multiple visualization options regarding the data collected during the study. The most problematic section in terms of performance was the Timeline Analysis, and that’s what we will cover on this post, what were the problems and how we manage to solve them. Performance is crucial in order to create a […]