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About MindProber

Automated tools
for media testing

MindProber brings the worlds of market research, neuroscience, and technology together to build the next generation of automated tools for media testing.

We distribute our technology (sensor and app) to panels of hundreds of spectators and capture their biometric and declarative reactions while they watch media content.

We offer you a groundbreaking ability to test the impact of your ads or videos through passive and non-intrusive measures.


A Disruptive Approach

Large-scale, fast results, cutting-edge technology

Our automated media testing tools ensure you fast and large-scale results. You can get the reactions of hundreds of spectators in a matter of a few days, or even live as the content is broadcasted.

MindProber is a DIY platform where you determine your level of autonomy. You can run studies with our full assistance (in person or remote) or you can just setup studies on your own. You will be able to customize your sample and program your questionnaires according to your research objectives.

When data collection is complete you will receive a detailed report about the second-wise activation your material is producing, as well as overall biometric and declarative measures of impact.

Whether you are a brand, a content producer, a broadcaster or a research agency, we have something to offer you!

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