We bring together the worlds of
Market Research

Mission & Vision

Bring scientific and academic background to the market research industry, to create new approaches and new products that contribute to developing the production of media content, with the eyes on the consumer, it is our proposal.

Several years of academic experience, technological improvement and a multidisciplinary team have brought us to this day, able to change the way that advertising agencies, brands, broadcasters and market research agencies look at consumer behaviour and integrate it on their strategy. MindProber is committed to being among the principal players on the market and to be a reference on market research field.

We are committed to be a reference on market research field.

Our values


We respect the scientific principles applied at our methodology. We ensure the customer satisfaction, improvement our technology according their needs.

Transparency and quality

Our metrics are scientifically legitimized, our products are tailored to each client, whether they are customized by us, or configured by the client.

Attitude – focus on what is important

A multidisciplinary team, with different background, putting the energy on what is important, being focused on achieving the best results.

Responsibility, Honesty, Professionalism

We work with rigour, respecting the confidentiality of our clients and participants in the MindProber Community.
We guarantee the fulfilment of the deadlines to which we propose and we assure that the interests of our clients are safeguarded.

Our advisors

Our investors

Our awards

Our first year and a half was intense and our work was recognized. We were the finalists of the NOS Innovation Award (2016), won the Insight Innovation Competion Award (2017) promoted by IIeX in Atlanta and the Award for Breakthrough Tecnhlogy Innovation (2017) awarded by ASC and MRS.