Science & Technology

Science & Technology

At MindProber we have created the first fully automated, panel based consumer neuroscience platform in the world. Our academic, industry and technology knowledge allowed us to build the system end-to-end, innovating in every step of the way, from the sensors to the methods and metrics.


Meet James One

The slickest biometric sensor on the market! One of the big hurdles of consumer neuroscience is the need to connect participants to expensive, intrusive sensors. In addition to stripping studies from ecological validity, they are barriers to the number of participants monitored during a study. Because our sensor is the best window to emotions, we named it after William James, the father of modern psychology, and author of “What is an Emotion”. He famously explained how emotions are revealed and depend on bodily states and paved the way for modern research in emotions. This is our tribute to him!


the smallest, less intrusive, high-quality biometric sensor available. It’s portable and comfortable to the panelists.

Research grade

james one captures high-quality heart and electrodermal indexes that are combined to produce our second-sensitive and overall activation metrics.

Out-of-the-lab proof

the autonomy required to do live monitoring for hours. It is resistant and synchronizes flawlessly to the content.

DiY + full automation

MindProber is a fully automated platform. Through our dashboard you can setup and launch studies on your own, monitor study progression and explore your results. Our automated pipeline assures you are as autonomous as you want and can run studies with hundreds of participants in a few days.
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MindProber’s App

Manage the interaction between panelist and platform (authentication, notifications, study management)

Available for Android and iOS, our app allows the full management of our testers, from distributing invitations for studies to survey deployment and compensation information. We are currently developing a full fledged SDK for integration with 3rd party apps.

Passive ad & content detection

Via flawless audio-matching technology, we are able to continuously detect the content to which our panelists are exposed, allowing the collection of physiological and behavioral data on a larger scale than previously available.

Synchronization between physiological metrics and broadcast

All of our continuous metrics (physiological and declarative) are matched on a second-to-second basis to whatever content being tested.

Collect declarative reactions + administer post-visualization questionnaires programmed through the platform

We know survey data has its place, so we allow our costumers to configure several different pre-programmed and custom questionnaire modules, which will be distributed to the panelists after they complete the visualization and evaluation tasks.

Metrics and data collection

At MindProber we are constantly innovating on the way we use our metrics, and developing new metrics. Our massive data collection capability plus the work with our clients are the key for the development of measures with increased precision.
We know that just asking doesn’t work. Our strong academic background, involvement in basic R&D and partnerships with academic institutions allows us to be in the forefront of applied cognitive neuroscience, pushing the field to the next level.