Republican Primaries: Did Donald Trump and Tucker Carlson Trump Fox News and the GOP Debate? – Audience Emotional Engagement Analysis

In card games, trumping refers to playing a higher-value card of the same suit as your opponent’s. In politics, it can mean outdoing rivals by staging a more attention-grabbing event. Donald Trump and Tucker Carlson took this to a new level by launching an exclusive interview on social network X (formerly Twitter) at the same […]

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UEFA Champions League Final 2023: Soccer is Still the King of Emotional Engagement on TV

Manchester City has finally won the most coveted prize in European soccer: the UEFA Champions League Final 2023! After seven years and massive investments, Pep Guardiola’s team made it into the elite ranks of soccer clubs with a single goal by Spanish defensive midfielder Rodri in a tight match against Inter Milan. While Manchester City […]

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Emotional Impact Scoreboard – Track and Benchmark Entertainment and Sports Content 

10 May 2023, Porto, MindProber Emotional Impact Scoreboard – In the world of media production and advertising, creating compelling content that resonates with your target audience is critical to success and driving positive business outcomes. In a landscape cluttered with content options and media channels, creating and delivering content that stands out and provides value to […]

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