MindProber and audience behavior – presenting our Live Broadcast Monitoring

Pedro Chaves | September 17, 2018

MindProber has been working hard on several different products to test your media content, aiming from the get got at giving you access to biometrics-powered insights. And as the technology moves forward, so does research – and throughout the last year, we have found (and so have our first lucky clients) that our technology and data can offer you a detailed picture of your audience.

Our Live Broadcast Monitoring tool provides you with an integrated vision of your audience behavior, while exposed to content in the most widely used media: TV. Using MindProber technology you can seamlessly assess the impact any given content has on the viewers as they are exposed to it. As seen before, this can give you access to:

– A frame by frame analysis allowing you to understand what moments have the highest impact on your audiences – both emotional and behavioral

Integrated post-visualization surveys and questionnaires, as well as more qualitatively focused tools (would you like to have your viewers discussing a given frame? Would you prefer to moderate a discussion regarding a certain plot device?)

All this in large scale, thanks to our panel equipped with the MindProber’s Mobile App and biometrics sensors James One. Fully automated as well – prepare and launch a study anytime and anywhere. However, the needs of our customers are a priority, so we also offer a customized mode where we adapt our technology to provide you with a tailor-made service.

As we have seen before, the possibilities don’t end here – get in touch and stay tuned (or contact us) for further information and case studies based on our technology and research.

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