Is your ad engaging enough to create a real connection with your audience?

admin | October 16, 2018

After giving you some ideas about our live TV monitoring products we want to show you the virtues of our Ad testing tools.

When a marketeer or a creative team are producing a new ad, there are several fundamental guidelines that should be on their minds: the target, the storytelling, the emotions that the ad triggers and the channel through which it will be distributed.

But do you know your target well enough? Does the story engage your audience? Is your brand easily recognized? And how can you be disruptive without losing coherence?

With the MindProber Ad testing tools you can ensure that your ad is ready to be distributed without crippling shortcomings:

1. Through the questionnaire’s modules, you can see how your ad relates to the benchmark in terms of attitude towards the brand, purchasing persuasion, its memory impact (the power your ad has to be recalled among a reel), as well as likeability and branding power. Each variable can be split by segments of interest, be it gender, age, or other, giving you power over the targeting the strategy;

2. By combining the biometric and declarative timelines, you can explore the emotional processing associated with your ad and brand, pinpointing moments of larger or lower emotional activation. Our Affective Footprint Index gives you a summary of these metrics in the form of a single value which you can compare against the benchmarks and competition.

During the next weeks we will take a deep dive into our dashboard, so you can see for yourself how easy it is to access and manage all of this information.

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