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MindProber is a real-time, physiological, and behavioral analytics media testing platform.

We help media organizations, rights holders, producers, broadcasters, media agencies, and brands improve media ROI by capturing and analyzing consumers’ physiological and behavioral responses to media content, on a second-by-second basis.

Our team gathers experts in cognitive neuroscience, behavioral sciences, electronics and biomedical engineering, artificial intelligence, software engineering, data analytics, and market research.

Knowledge . Experience . Insights

Pain Points

We Knew the Industry’s Pain Points

Research has always been an essential part of everything we do.

We knew that the current approach required a great deal of human resources, time, laboratory work, and clunky research equipment – all of which impact consumer panelists and the ecological validity of the data.

There was no real-time solution for capturing engagement signals at scale. Finally, declarative pre/post-survey data were not granular enough – you couldn’t see things happening on a second-by-second basis.

All these points were our directions for innovation.

Remote Sensing . Machine Learning


Taking media research out of the lab right to people’s homes

MindProber is the world’s first automated platform that allows media measurement at scale right from people’s homes. We capture hundreds to thousands of media consumers’ physiological responses through our proprietary sensor and behavioral app. Our analytics platform produces real-time metrics on user emotional engagement, attention, and response synchrony.

Full-fledged product . Full pipeline

Unique proposition

Built from the ground up

MindProber is the only company in the market that has the software and the hardware – a full-fledged product for media measurement.

We have a full pipeline – from acquisition to consumer panel management operations and presentation of the media valuation metrics. We have a sensor that we deliver to people’s homes and the software to collect and present the data and metrics.



The ultimate mission – understand human behavior. More precisely, to understand consumer behavior and emotional processes that are directly connected to their decision-making.

The media measurement space might seem hazy and that is why we are here. To deliver and show you what measuring the emotional impact of your content can really do for you.

That’s why:

Clients sometimes get more complex answers than they expected because reality is not simple
We tell clients whether consumer science can give them answers to certain questions

We test a client’s hypothesis and that’s what we give them – answers, not data nonsense



Knowledge, science, and knowledge sharing are at the core of our value system side by side respect, empathy, and resilience.

We are all humans. We are all in the same boat. At a time of great adversity for our entire planet, the team held on.

So far, we have worked with some of the best companies in the world, and we are very proud of what our team has achieved. But the thing that makes us proud the most is exactly this – our human story.

Knowledge, Science, Knowledge sharing 100%
Respect. Empathy. Resilience. 100%
Human story 150%
We Measure True Audience Engagement

Improve Your Media ROI.