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2018 Trends II – DIY Research & Video Content Rule

Today we continue to detail our trends forecast for 2018. If you didn’t read our trend forecast before you can check it here, and you can also read details about our first two trends predictions here [insert link]. We’ll wait.
So, on with the show for trends number 3 and 4 for 2018 in the market research and advertising industries according to the MindProber’s oracle.

Trend #3 – DIY Research Becomes Mainstream

The growth of DIY research is intrinsically linked with our first trend for 2018: the rise of automation! With more, and better, tools available consumer insights managers will start to have at their service a comprehensive set of tools to develop and analyse studies in-house
We expect that, across 2018, in-house insights teams will grow and start to assume more responsibilities in deploying and analysing studies; be it quick and fast consumer surveys, or more advanced advertising and media testing, including applying neuroscience tools and knowledge.
This of course means that the profile of a insights manager must also grow from a supplier-management/data analysis job to a more holistic employee able to understand all the steps of a well defined market research study, have a clear grasp of research methodologies to choose the one that best needs its specific needs of the moment and a strong knowledge of consumer behavior to be able to interpret results. A tall order indeed.
On the other side of the spectrum, the rise of DIY research, with in-house insights teams gaining more leverage will demand a different approach from traditional market research companies. They’ll need to be more proactive and rely not on methodologies, but on added knowledge.

Trend #4 – Video is King

For the last five years or so Content has been crowned king of Marketing. The ability to create and distribute novel and engaging content, on any different formats, was dubbed essential for brands to remain relevant and in touch with target audiences, especially those social-media devourers millennials.
Is time for Content to clear the stage for Video, the new King of marketing departments strategies and budgets. With better networks and devices rolling out each year, video content is no longer cumbersome or a data-munching monster that scare consumers away. The interconnectivity of devices and platforms allows brands to look at video beyond 30 sec ads: storytelling across devices is now possible and even expected by consumers, and video is the preferred mean to do it.
2017 paved the way for this trend that we think will only grow this year with more brands using video to share their stories and engage audiences all too eager to be entertained. Just don’t expect for them to flock to your content without providing real added value.
These are our views for trends #3 and #4 for 2018. Keep tuned for the last installment by subscribing or following us on our social media channels.