Is your media content engaging enough?

MindProber uses cutting edge science to measure viewer’s engagement with media content and predict audience churn.

Test media content with biometrics in live broadcast settings, fast and in scale.

what we do

MindProber offers cutting-edge media content analysis tools, powered by biometric monitoring of hundreds of viewers in their homes.

We built our platform end-to-end, from small and non-intrusive viewer sensors, to sample automation tools, automated data processing pipelines and data visualization interfaces.

We offer the ability to collect biometric reactions from hundreds of panellists in a few days, or even to live broadcasts.

Measure the impact of your media content to the second, and compare it across different target-groups.

Easy to setup

With a MindProber account you have access to a dashboard where you can easily setup and launch multiple studies at anytime and by yourself.

Upload your content, define your sample, create a custom questionnaire and launch your study.

Select analysis type

Upload media content

Characterize brand & product

Customize the sample

Create custom questionnaires

Your study is ready to launch

Testers watching your content
MindProber's mobile App
James One sensor

Powerful and reliable metrics

We give you the ability to test, follow and forecast the impact of your media content using implicit measures, such as galvanic skin responses, heart rate activity or eye-tracking, and declarative data.

The data is collected in ecological valid contexts (users homes) through our biometric sensors and panellist app.

Complete report

The results of your study will be available in your dashboard in a few days.

They are presented as an interactive report with multiple graphics that allows you to explore the different metrics.

You will get a detailed analysis of the timeline with all the data collected as well as the questionnaires.

Check our products

Our products are built to address different needs in Media & Entertainment, advertising, political communication, or in any settings where audience engagement brings value.

Sports Organization

Sports Organization

Test and optimize the content impact (post edition)

Broadcasters & Producers

Broadcasters & Producers

Test and track the impact of live or offline entertainment content.



Test and track the impact of ads and sponsored content.

Research Agency

Research Agency

Supply MindProber tech to your end clients.

Explore MindProber’s dashboard and discover all the amazing features

Explore MindProber’s easy to use platform where you can setup and launch your studies as well as explore the results as an interactive report.