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Automated Consumer Neuroscience


MindProber is a completely automated consumer neuroscience platform. Whether you are the brand looking for the perfect ad, or a movie producer looking to produce the ultimate trailer, we give you the tools to use neuroscientific methods to test the impact of your media content. As you setup an account, you access our DIY platform, where you can setup and launch studies, and explore results in a completely autonomous way.


MindProber is both a research and technological company in the field of consumer neuroscience. Our entire system is designed by us, from the less intrusive biometric sensors you’ve ever seen, to sample automation testing tools, cloud-computing platform or data treatment algorithms. By controlling the system end-to-end, we guarantee quality in each step of the way, and we guarantee you fast and reliable media content analysis.

Hard Science

At MindProber we offer you consumer neuroscience with a strict no pseudoscience approach. However, we give you the ability to test, predict and follow the impact of your media content using state of the art physiological and declarative measures, like the heart rate and galvanic skin response (electrical activity of sweat glands on the palms of the hands and the tips of the fingers), taking biometric media testing to a whole different level. Our Research Development (R&D) department have a top-notch scientific background, with over 100 scientific peer-reviewed publications and you will find all our measures published in the literature.

Speed and Scale

We’ve built the only truly automated panel based consumer neuroscience platform. We give you the ability to collect physiological measures from hundreds of subjects in a few days or even live. We collect biometrics at an unprecedented scale, building the biggest benchmarks consumer neuroscience has ever seen.

Dashboard and mobile app


Once you have your credentials to access your client’s dashboard, you can choose different products according to your goals. Choose from an increasing number of products, from ad pre-testing to live stream monitoring tools.

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Select your participants from among hundreds (for biometrics) or thousands of panelists. Define sample size and customize for gender, age and region. Need a different sample? Talk to us. Next step is to define your post-visualization questions. Choose from pre-scripted questions or just define your own.

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In parallel, from hundreds of users in their homes or at central locations. We give you the ability to collect in a few days the number of participants that would take you months to get in a lab. Need live visualization? Our system has the ability to collect and crunch data in parallel to give live metrics, as they are recorded.

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Use MindProbers dashboards to explore your data or export it to your data visualization tools. From second-wise passive and declarative measures to benchmarked global impact and currency metrics, you control what you want to see and how deep you need to go. See results after data collection is finished or live, as your media piece is being broadcasted.

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